Is This Dress Too Short??

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  1. Hi ladies! I have been dying to have an occassion to wear this dress, and I have 2 weddings coming up. Is it too short on me? I feel like it looks a touch shorter irl compared to the photos. More than likely I'd wear the shoes pictured. It's an a-line sheath, not tight anywhere so I was hoping that would balance out the length. I could also add a black bandeau underneath if it seems too low cut. Thanks for your opinions!

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  2. For a girls night out or a date, its cute. But, for a wedding it's too short, IMO.
  3. :smile:

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  4. ;)

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  5. Sigh...I agree, just hoping I was wrong. It's probably not dressy enough anyway...
  6. i don't think it's too short but i agree that it's not dressy for a wedding....
    nice legs....btw. :biggrin:
  7. I agree with juneping that it's not too short, but not appropriate for a wedding imo :smile:
  8. You look great, but I wouldn't wear that to a wedding. How tall are you? I'm less concerned about the high hemline than I am about the fact that the proportions look too short for you. It should have the appearance of a drop-waist in front too, no? But the colorblock seems to hit a little too high on your hip.
  9. You look fabulous in it but, in my opinion, it's not very wedding-appropriate.
  10. Unless you are under 19, I honestly think it's too short. Sometimes things can look like someone is trying a little too hard. Just a little longer would be much prettier, and sexier.
  11. Thanks girls, I agree, I'm going to keep looking.
    You hit the nail on the head! I'm 5'9" and dresses are difficult. I'll keep looking!
  12. It's too short - but with tights, it would be ok.
  13. hmmm I think maybe a bit too short for a wedding?

    I agree with tights and flat boots it would be really cute, but this would make it more casual :biggrin:

    etk I wear dresses and skirts A LOT! i'm 5'10 and agree sometimes its hard to find dresses that are long enough, my fix for dresses that I love but are too short are ballet flats and tights or boots. jeans are even worse to find in a 36 inseam lol!
  14. For me, yes, too short.
  15. FOr a wedding: too short - especially in a church