Is this dress too sexy?

  1. I LOVE it!!!! It is awesome for summer!!!! It would be so cute to wear to a barbeque, or a summer party!
  2. its beautiful!
  3. Yes. it does matter where you would wear a dress like that. Anyway, I love it, its beautiful, and sexy. just not for the dance floor...imp :shame:
  4. Aw thanks for your opinions! :yes: I love it as well, just wanted to make sure that it wasn't too much! Thanks!
  5. SO cute, love the color. Depending where you are going. School dance I would say its a tad sexy, but vacation in hawaii or something totally go for it.
  6. hmm, it's really cute but it might be a tad too much for a dance IMO and much too much for Hawaii (hehe)...for hawaii i'd go long bohemian flowing dresses? I'm eighteen as well and I love short dresses, so it's not the shortness that bothers me but more so the peep hole in the front. if you are looking for a dress, i love strapless dresses by ginger & java. they're short but still really fun and flirtatious and if you pick the right one, it's not TOO sexy! :smile:
  7. I love the dress. I'd say it depends on the event you wear it to whether it's appropriate. If it's a more formal event I'd say it's not right.
  8. I would go for a short dress OR a plunging neckline. But both at once seems a little much. Is this for a high school dance? If so, I think you should go with something a little less risque. If you are dancing, no guy will be looking into your eyes! And you might worry about popping out.
  9. It's cute, but as others have said, not for a dance...
  10. I can totally see it on a beach in Mexico, but most definitely not at a school dance. (although it's practically chaste compared to the string bikini top and micromini "prom dress" that I saw a girl wearing last year!!)
  11. Sorry I think it shows too much cleavage - I agree either short dress or cleavage but in general I am anyway a 'less flesh is more' girl. Definitely NOT school dance IMO
  12. Great dress, but may be too much for a dance.
  13. It's pretty but you have to try it on for sure. I have tried this kind of dress before but my boobs could not fill the dress up so it does not look as flattering :smile:
  14. It's lovely..but as everyone has said it's not for a dance :smile: