is this dress too clubby for a wedding?

  1. I love it, but I do think it's a little too glitzy for an afternoon wedding...
  2. It's a cute dress but probably too sparkly for an afternoon wedding.
  3. IMO, its fine:biggrin:
    With brown, silver or nude heels, it could be really cute:biggrin:
  4. I think with not too flashy shoes, and your hair and jewlery on the simple side, it would be fine.
  5. It's super cute, but probably not appropriate for an afternoon wedding. If the wedding were in the evening it would be perfect. Does the reception start at night? You could wear one thing to the wedding and change into this for the reception...
  6. Or, wear it with flat sandals or ballet pumps, in nude or a dull metallic. No jewelry (except simple earings OR a plain and un-sparkly bracelet), simple hair, simple makeup (mascara, nude or slightly shimmery brown/grey shadow, subdued lip gloss), and a simple, non-sparkly clutch. And throw a plain cardigan or dark denim jacket over top to bring it down a notch more. The shape is cool and casual, so we're really just dealing with the sparkle issue here!
  7. I agree. If you keep everything else simple and add a cardigan, it's doable. I hadn't thought about that...
  8. I think it's a bit too sparkly for a wedding. Super adorable, though.
  9. yah wear it with a cardigan and minimal jewelry. or to the reception later.
  10. I think its more of an evening party dress...
  11. i think it is perfect for the wedding:yes:
  12. really adorable dress - it'd be safer if it was a night wedding, but if you kept everything else SUPER simple (no heels, no sparkly jewelry or bags, simple hair and makeup), it'd be doable at an afternoon semi-formal wedding, imo.
  13. Tried this dress, its quite short, but I am fairly tall.
  14. I think there is definitely too much sparkle for an afternoon wedding.