Is this dress too bright?

  1. I have a really cute yellow alice & olivia baby doll dress. Here is a pic....

    Could I pull this dress off at a work holiday party? I planning on wearing black opague tights, black CL rolondos, and I will carry my black chanel timeless clutch.

    What you ladies think?

  2. It's a cute dress, but it is a little bright and a little too sexy for an office party IMO.

    What kind of work do you do and what's the normal dress code?...
  3. If you work in fashion I can see wearing it with black tights and rolondos.

    Otherwise, I love the color, but to me the dress seems too short to pair with 4-5 in heels.
  4. I'm a staffing director at a law firm. The invite says cocktail hour attire, ( mini dress) . I'm 24 and some of the other ladies are wearing similair dresses, but not as bright. So, I guess I should have purchased this dress in black.... Haha!
  5. It looks really short in the pics, but on my its not. It come about 3 inches above me knee. And plenty of bending over fabric in the back.. :smile:
  6. In that case I think it would be OK.

    I, myself, am a fan of bold colors.
  7. I would definitely rock it!! im so tired of people just killing the color black.

    come on now, its over!! experiment. and that color is perfect!! make sure you rock some bling on your hand (bracelet) and possibly matching yellow studs in your ears!! lol
  8. I don't think it's too bright, but I don't think it'd be "appropriate" for a work party...maybe it's just the pictures.
  9. I think it is a great colour and with your black accesories you will definitely tone it down. Do you have a black trenchcoat?
  10. I Love It!!!!!
  11. can you repost it so the pictures enlarge
    i cant get a good look but from what i see i think it might be ok
  12. Personally I love the dress, but I wouldn't wear it to my workplace holidays party. Mainly because people at my workplace are not fashion forward and it would look inappropriate. Since you said that people at your office are wearing similar dresses, I figure they are more updated with their fashion sense and I wouldn't think too much of it. Unless the big partners at your law firm are more conservative, then I would get something less bold because in the end, your bosses' opinions matter much more than your colleagues.
  13. I have this dress in the same color and I love it! I wore it to a nice dinner and night out on South Beach with my BF (and saw another girl wearing it in a dif. color which did NOT make me happy haha). I have some major cleavage in it, and it's pretty short even though I'm only 5'4. Not sure I would wear it to an office party though, especially since you work in law. I don't think the color is too bright- just maybe the cut is a tad bit too sexy. JMO though.
  14. i agree with everyone else.. it's a really nice dress, but i probably wouldn't have the guts to wear it to an office holiday party.
  15. No such thing as a dress that's too bright!

    I think it's fine for an office party if others are dressing similarly. The fact that's you'll wear opaque tights with it makes more office appropriate. Perhaps bring a cardi just in case!