Is this dress okay for a wedding?

  1. It's in June and I have no clue what to wear, I have this dress in red, but is it too much? (the colour that is)

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Or this one?
  3. I think the style of the 1st one may be a bit too casual for a wedding, even if you get the red one. The second one is much more wedding-like if you know what I mean heh. Definitely the 2nd one!
  4. ^^ I agree. I think the first one is too casual, and I wouldn't wear red to a wedding. The second one is cute!
  5. I think the second one would be more wedding appropriate. :yes:
  6. I also think the first dress is too casual, it looks like a sundress. Pick the second one!
  7. I like the second one better.
  8. I agree with everyone else, the second one
  9. I believe the second dress is the most appropiate for a wedding, you can make it a little more formal with pearl necklace and pearl studs earrings, nice strappy and delicate style gold or brown heel sandals to show that perfect nude American pedicure that you are going to get done:drool:
    Take a brown or soft gold clutch bag with you, other coloful small bag can be useful.
    Pull your hair up to show that necklace and earrings, makeup? have a smoky brown eyeshadows, with soft peach blush and nude lips..and you are ready to go.
    PS. Don't forget smile when you walk out from you house.
  10. i love the second one compared to the first, it looks more appropriate for a wedding.
  11. i agree, i like the second one :smile:
  12. Both dresses are beautiful but the second one definitely looks more dressy for a wedding. Gorgeous!
  13. I agree with everyone saying go with the second one, unless of course it's a very casual wedding.
  14. Both dresses are wedding appropriate. I guess I am the only one, but I don't think dress 1 is too casual.
  15. Go with the second one! It's so pretty and more elegant looking than the first