Is this dress appropriate for attending a wedding?

  1. Do you think this dress is appropriate for attending a day time wedding? My DH thinks its too casual, but I will only be wearing it for the day. I will change into something a little more formal for the dinner.

  2. I think it only looks casual because of the jewelry and the shoes. If you pair it up with a nice heel and more formal jewelry, it would definitely work!
  3. I agree with mello_yello_jen. With the right shoes and accessories, it can definately be appropriate for a wedding.
  4. ^^ Ita!!
  5. Agree with everyone else. Change the shoes and accessories and it would be perfect for a daytime wedding.
  6. Im going to sound like a broken record...but pair it up with nice shoes and some nice accessories and you've got you a wedding appropriate dress!
  7. Thanks ladies. I will def be picking up the dress and I'm going to show this to my Dh and prove he is so wrong.
  8. This dress is so cute!