Is this dress appropriate for an early fall wedding?

  1. I just scored this phillip lim dress for a great price and want to wear it to a wedding at the end of sept. even though it's more appropriate for a summer wedding. How would you guys recommend accessorizing it to make it more autumn-appropriate? Or does it not matter? Normally I would go safe with gold sandals/clutch. But it's such a 'pretty' dress maybe something a bit edgier would be more interesting. What do you guys think?
    BlackTieEvent.jpg 125.jpg
  2. Wow that's a beautiful dress. I don't think you need to make it autumn appropriate. I would just bring a wrap or shawl if you think you will get cold. Personally I would love it with silver or black shoes and bag.
  3. Yeah its cute:biggrin:

    I would wear silver shoes, and a nice clutch.
  4. Love the color! gorgeous dress, and i think it is def appropriate. I think silver shoes will go lovely. You can get a neutral shawl to go with it if its going to be chilly.
  5. O:huh:ohh that's beautiful. I think it's appropriate. I love the idea of wearing it with silver shoes. That'd be too cute. I have a wedding to attend in September and I'm having a hard time looking for a dress myself.
  6. I think it'd look silly if we're talking mid september or later... very springy/summery... just my taste though :yes:
  7. depends what area of the country you're in - if you're in the south or somewhere else where it's sweltering until halloween, then go for it. if you're someplace where it gets colder earlier, you may want to find something else.
  8. ^^^ agreed. My comment from a new yorker's POV. :yes:
  9. I think that with black heels would look good for the season and something extra to cover up in case it gets cold.
  10. Hmm didn't Jessica Biel wear a similar dress to an awards show last year? Maybe not the same cut it but it was definetely a bright magenta. She put a thick black belt around her waist, it looked really nice like that..more structured and defined. Maybe you could try something like that, to add more dark colors to the palette? I can't tell if the dress would look good with a belt.

    The color is a bit shocking for fall , though. LOVE the dress.
  11. That is a GORGEOUS dress!! =D I think it really depends on where you live. If you live in a warm sunny place like Southern California... that dress would fit perfectly even at a Winter Wedding!! If you live in a place that's cold, it wouldn't be 100% appropriate but it should still be fine if you ask me, maybe wear it with a rich brown shawl?
  12. Ohhh, I LOVE it! Although I'm not sure about that definitely pops. But I'm sure it could work!
  13. Thats such a cute dress! I think its appropriate.
  14. Well the wedding is in CT and while it's not the coldest place, it's definitely not So Cal or Florida. One thing is that this won't be a particularly fashionable crowd so I don't think there will be much judgment from others, but I guess I just want to feel good...comfortable, and appropriate. I was originally looking for a plum dress, but haven't found one that I like. I had been eyeing this dress all summer and couldn't pass it up when it was on sale down from $750. I have several weddings I could save it for next spring but I feel like I'll want to wear it now! I like the idea of wearing it with black. It would make it less soft. Oh well, I guess I'll decide once I get it and have a backup if it's totally unsuitable for the weather. Thanks to everyone for your input! It's much appreciated!
  15. I think that it will work for an autumn wedding. Heres an idea on how to wear it:


    It's a beautiful dress btw.