Is this Dior authentic?

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  1. Most sellers on eBay sell fakes... I was a victim :crybaby: but if u want to buy a bag, I suggest going through an authorized dealer
    (This forum might be moved into the authenticate this thread)
  2. i was going to say it looks real to me but after reading kimoala bear's response i'm not sure anymore... :sad:
  3. I agree with Rosemary, this bag looks real. Other than that, this thread should be in the Authenticate This! forum, but I'm sure the mods would appreciate it if you posted there next time. :smile:
  4. thanks....but i am still torn between true/ false...
  5. They should put a authenticate this thread on it's own in dior.

  6. That's true ;)
  7. If you are looking for that particular bag, has it now for 530.00..... and they have a really good return policy too.
  8. apparrently on the forum someone said that bluefly stock fake stuf as well. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
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