Is this diaper bag practical?

  1. I got an email from CoolMomPicks with 20% off diaper bags from Baby Kaed. I think the Jaipur bag is pretty cute (especially in the bright blue). However, since I'm still a mom-to-be, I don't really know what makes for a good diaper bag in terms of practicality and usefulness. Does this seem like a good one to you?

    (and everyone ignore the fact that I got two bags already at the Petunia Picklebottom Outlet sale that was posted a little while ago, and I don't actually have a BABY yet!)

  2. I just clicked the link and yes, I think so! The outside is pretty stylish too.
    Does this pic show up?

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  3. Well, it wouldn't be practical for me. First, you can't hook it onto a single handled stroller. Two, the pockets on the outside ends don't look overly deep, so I wouldn't know if a sippy or taller water bottle would fit in them. For me (and not everyone feels that way. All those interior pouches are annoying because if I want to change bags, I have to empty each and every one and then stash them in the other bag and so on. Yet, some people LOVE that complete separate stuff.

    For me, what I like is a bag with two deep wide end pockets big enough to hold a bottle of soda or water for me, and one for the baby's drink (when they get older). Then I use pouches to carry 1 for diapers wipes and pad, one for toys, one for mommy stuff and then I roll up a spare outfit, a baby carrier if needed, and then I carry/buy a wallet on a string so that if I need to get something quick without the baby, I can have a self serving purse big enough to carry my cell phone and credit cards, change - so it's a pretty decent sized wallet!

    For outside pockets, I like one big enough to hold snacks in ziplocs and one for my keys.

    I also like to have a way to attach a bag to a stroller because those bags get HEAVY.

    Double straps give me problems too because they don't stay on your shoulder and one thing you'll learn quick with having a baby is that you NEVER have a free hand - ever! LOL

    With all that said... this is just ME and it took a LOT of trial and error to final figure out what WORKS for ME.
  4. Thanks for posting the picture, swanky! I couldn't get that one to show up, for some reason (was getting a blank square.) I think it's really cute, which is what's sucking me in in the first place...

    berryblondeboys, they mention some sort of stroller conversion for the straps, but I don't know what exactly that means. ITA about the usefulness of outside pockets, so I'll have to take a closer look at that.
  5. My Kate Spade and my HOp Skip were the only 2 I could strap around the single handle of my double stroller. If I could do that, I just carried it or put it in teh basket underneath.
    I'm a lots of pockets liking kind of girl. I like a lot of options inside my bags.
    My KAte Spade had a pocket on each end, and they were deep, but were so tight I used them for other things. The pockets inside would accomodate bottles easily.
    I like that it looks like a purse.