Is this diana flap worth it?

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  1. Hi, everyone.
    Do you guys seem to think this bag is worth the money? It's in the exact specs I have been looking for but I have noticed that this bag has white dots everywhere. And some on the thread / stitching.

    I think I will hold out for something longer...but I know these flaps are very rare. Having said that Boutique patina have shown two caviar ones already.

    Is it likely they will have another one eventually?
  2. bags always come around.. it's not like Chanel just made one:smile: personally, i'd wait. this is just my personal opinion, but i think it's overpriced. the good-great condition lamb diana's run well under 2K, so a caviar diana, shouldn't be priced at 3200+.. just my opinion. you don't see the caviar ones as often, but it's not like they are never out there.
  3. This is true, they are definitely higher than lamb, but Japanese sellers are now selling these for over $3,600 on Ebay. And I think the jumbo was sold for $4000+ in caviar somewhere. So I think it's the current market price, albeit high.

    I have been scouring for a certain caviar diana so I know these prices right now, and I don't think this bag is overpriced given the market price and the $200 promo. I've usually found BP prices to be quite fair especially with the promo mixed in. And her customer service is off the charts, let alone the Etinceler voucher etc etc etc

    At the time time, to OP: if you have doubts about it, any at all, condition, etc, you should pass and wait for your perfect one. When it feels right, you will know, it will sing to you. Don't settle for less than what is the One, especially at this price point.
  4. I think I will wait for a better caviar one.

    This one seems a bit odd. The previous one they had seemed great and I would have bought that one in a heart beat.

    Having said that, a new caviar mini and a vintage caviar diana flap are actually pretty close to the same price. Thanks for the feedback. I will wait again.

    This is going to take some time with diligence.
  5. I think maybe wait as well. The condition says very good. I could have sworn a recent caviar diana in the same size listed as excellent condition also sold for the same price. Overall I do think boutique patina has fair prices and the customer service is great! I ended up returning the item I bought the one time I dealt with them, but they responded to all my text messages quickly and thoroughly. They also allow returns which is great. Love all alternatives to dreaded ebay.
  6. FYI: Items listed by BP as in "very good" condition are usually in excellent condition when u receive them. I can vouch for this since I've done business with them twice before and from other people here who have bought from them as well.
  7. Thanks for letting me know, Bisoux!

    I'm still deciding between this and a mini.
  8. +1 very good from BP is far better than very good from competitors such as Fashionphile and Yoogies and 10x the ratings on TheRealReal which plays fast and loose on their ratings IMO. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again from BP. Also Etinciler can give you a valuation range when they do the authentication to put your mind at ease. I always choose that option when I get my items authenticated.
  9. I think it is very elegant and great condition though still it is over price IMHO. But If you're truly loving and gonna use it, that's the price to pay and why not. Good luck with your decision! :smile: