Is this diamond worth the price

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  1. Hi,

    My mom is looking for a solitaire diamond pendant and was offered a 1 carat diamond stone by her jeweler friend for $3500 and here is the specs

    1 carat round brilliant cut
    clarity is SI2, color H
    has an EGL USA certificate
    depth 58.5%
    table 66%
    girdle very thin

    Is this worth the price? I checked blue nile and whiteflash but the range it gives is a little confusing. Any experts out there with any input?
  2. The question is not if this diamond worth the price, but rather, if this diamond is worth buying? For me, cut is everything.

    Don't waste your money on this diamond. Why? Let's start with cut. Very thin girdle spells trouble, because there is a potential of diamond damage during setting ans etc.. 58.5% depth is too shallow. You want to have at least 60% and try to stay around 61% to 62%. The 66% table is way too large. Although you have not given the crown and pavillion angle, I suspect this diamond has only spread (looks larger for its carat weights) but nothing else (such as fire and brilliance).

    The next consideration is SI2. Is it eye-clean? The probability of having non-eye-clean stone in SI2 is great. Therefore, you must check if the stone is eye-clean, unless you do not care about seeing black specks and dots.
  3. Hi,

    thanks for taking the time to give your input, really appreciate it. I checked the diamond again and it is eye clean with sparkle. I also checked the certificate and it does say very thin girdle with slightly thick girdle, don't know what that means.

  4. That's about $1000 too expensive for a stone of that caliber. Does that $3500 include a setting and chain or is that the stone?
  5. what does it say about cut? Polish? Symmetry?
    For that price she could probably do better.
  6. It does come with the setting and chain of 18K white gold.

  7. it says that polish and symmetry is good, doesn't say anything about cut.

  8. it's all about the cut. An EGL report has it on there.
  9. "Very thin girdle to slightly thick girdle" means that along the circumference, some areas have very thin girdle and som areas have thick girdle. You do not want any areas with very thin girdle, due to durability issues. Stay with thin to thick, but not very thin or very thick.

    All diamonds sparkle, but the amount of sparkles depend greatly on the cut. Refer to this video to see difference between an ideal cut diamond and an average cut diamond (1st two presented). I suspect your diamond is worse looking than the average cut diamond.
    "Choosing a Round Brilliant Cut with High Optics"
    (Ignore the last 2 diamonds to avoid confusing yourself.)

    Bottom line - I would pass if I were you. $3500 is a lot of money to waste.