Is this Dark Silver Reissue?

  1. Yes, it has a bronze-y look to it. But it is the new dark silver.
  2. that bag is TDF!!!
  3. Its growing one me. Does someone have a modeling pic?
  4. ^^ I just got the dark silver in the mail from the Chanel Vegas store! I will post modeling pics soon, but there are other members who have posted them as well. I'll see if I can find them for you. The bag is gorgeous IRL! I also ordered the black metallic, which will be here Wednesday!
  5. hi rica, i think it is dark silver :smile:
  6. Yes, it's on my top 3 wishlist...birthday's coming up.. hmmmm
  7. i think it is dark silver.
  8. Thanks guys! I'm very much confused of how cameleon the dark silver is.. Thanks again! :biggrin: