Is this dark or light Venetia?

  1. What colour is this venetia? light denim or dark denim? Im confused!

  2. That would be the "washed denim" colour according to MJ's website. The "dark denim" has yellow/tan leather bits ie. the handles, tabs, etc. Check it out at the website:smile:
  3. Aw thanks for ur reply, its just for some reason the website isnt loading up for me! soooo annoying!
  4. You're welcome;) Ooh I hate when a site glitches. I get that sometimes with NAP or it takes forever to load. Are u getting that denim Venetia? I like the look of the quilted Venetia. Just not sure about that strap in the middle. Would annoy me. Hmm, but then again, I love my Chloe Paddington with that huge lock, lol!
  5. London, is this your bag or one you are considering buying? It seems a bit lopsided... I am no expert, but I associate those plastic tags with replicas... Please tell me if I am talking out of the wrong end!
  6. Oh no, dont say that its mine!
    I hope it isnt fake? I put this up in the authenticity thread but il put it the pics up here as well. I hope its not fake, i really doubt it is. All points to good.
    3e_3.jpg 4c_3.jpg 9e_3.jpg 90_3.jpg e0_3.jpg
  7. oh and the front
  8. My venetia only has one hole for the belt.
    Mine is leather, I don't know anything about the denim.
    I hope it's real!!!!
  9. looking at the bag from the Mj site and looking again at yours I want to
    say its fake...

    *JUDGING FROM THE PIC'S* i'm not sure if Mj is like lv and puts up different looking bags to through people off

    denim MJ.jpg
  10. look what i found on Ioffer :sad:
  11. London, are you in the US?
    If you would like to buy Venetia at a lowered price, I really recommend getting it from Bloomingdale's -- will be offering 20% off everything (Marc Jacobs included) next Thursday 4/27 (their Friends and Family Event). SAs would be more than happy to do store transfer if any item isn't available locally. You can also get it from Nordstrom (they match competitor's offer).

    Hopefully, the discounted price will be in your price range. Good luck. =) I hate seeing anyone paying a lot of $$ for bags that they thought were real.