Is this cute?

  1. Please humour me!
    zippy & fleurs.jpg
  2. i like it! but would it get in the way every time you opened your wallet?
  3. yes that is very cute, I love all the colours together :yes:
  4. It's very cute!! :love:
  5. I think the colors go really well.. I do worry though that it might be too much for when you're opening/closing your zippy
  6. IMO its very cute!
  7. It is really cute.
  8. Thanks for your comments everyone! I'm probably not gonna keep it on my zippy, but I just wanted to see if the fleurs look good on azur. I know they will look perfect on mini lin and regular damier.
  9. Yes! I love that keychain, it's so adorable.
  10. SO freakin cute! I think you would get used to it on your wallet. Very cute.
  11. :yes:
  12. IT is too cute and even the name of the image is cute "Zippy & Fleurs"...BFF!
  13. Yes the keychain looks fab on Azur, it really makes the color pop, but I would agree it may be annoying on your zippy.
  14. So cute!!
  15. Cute, but i dont think for a wallet.