Is this cute or what?

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  1. I am glad I found this forum... Could not help but constantly checking the blog. I think I might be crazy thinking about bags all day and constantly looking for new bags online. So I am real glad to find I am not the only one doing that in the world. Anyway, this is a bulga bag that I found it very very cute at NM. :lol:

    And here's the link for those want to might want to buy it:

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  2. Oops.. Actually there's more cute bag at NM Spring preview: the green ghurka, celine bag, the bottega, the light pink valentino and many more are all worthy to look at. I'm feeling guilty after buying a spy so I'm not going to buy any more bag for a month...and I'll wait for my bday to get the spring paddy (It's only 2 month away anyway LOL).
  3. Heya wellow - welcome to the forums!

    I see you're from Cbus... that is awesome, both Megs and I went to school to OSU, we're Buckeyes at heart!
  4. Cute Bulga!
  5. Very cute in deed
  6. i have a friend at OSU and i always root for the Buckeyes as long as they're playing someone other than my bulldogs (not that y'all ever play us, but i felt i had to qualify my support a tad)!
  7. I saw that bag online just the other day and was really drawn in to it. I think I will write about it on Monday for Viewer's Choice! :idea:
  8. Wow...I actually just transferred from Atlanta to OSU. It was sad at first cause shopping in Atlanta was just great, and Columbus is not a big city. Thank God there's Saks and Nordstrom in here or I could die! I was actually have to choose between UGA in Athens and OSU in the summer, and I ended up here. Well, it's ok now... I'm getting used to Columbus, but I get to go back to Atl a lot though, and I'll be going there next weekend, and can't wait to shop all the nice boutiques in Atlanta! Yeay...
  9. Very cute!