is this cute or what?

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  1. hey, i FINALLY received a shoe catalogue, mailed by my ex-SA (she's not working at LV anymore).. okay, has anyone seen this?? yay or nay?:love:
  2. Honestly, I don't mind it at all!!!:nuts: I would LOVE to see it IRL!!! Thank you for posting.
  3. Nay for me...but I don't use keds/sneakers/sports shoes.
    Although I am sure if I saw you with it I'd admire it...LOL
  4. cute shoes, I won't buy it because I only wear sneaker when work out. If I see people wear it I am sure I will give complement :graucho:
    I am wedge or espadrille kinda gal.
  5. I usually wear ballerina flats, so a nay for me. But I'm sure they're nice :P
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