Is this cute/a good deal?

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  1. OK I have been busy making babies for the past few years and I've become so out of touch with what's fashionable. I literally had no bag even remotely in style besides my diaper bag so I ran to Nordstrom Rack and found this Kate Spade crossbody for $109. I liked how it looked on but I wanted to get some outside opinions on it. This will be my main doing things without babies in tow bag. My wardrobe is casual. Is this ok or is it unfashionable/dorky looking?! Good deal for $109? Image is not mine, found it on Google images

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  2. I think it's really cute and a great price! I think crossbodys are always in style and it would go with everything! Good choice!
  3. Thank you for the vote of confidence :smile:
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  4. Definitely a good deal and very cute, perfect for running errands or whenever you need to be hand-free, and it's practical and can fit all the essentials!