is this Croc real?

Porosus croc has much smaller grain. This looks like cheap plastic. Also, the overall shape of the bag is just "off" hard to explain. Go to the croc auctions by montecarloclub or CDL or mightkismet to compare.
happy1 said:
How can you tell? Please educate me.
Hi Happy1, if you see the pics of the back of the bag, the croc scales are not even symmetrical. It looks like croc embossed those on Furla bags.

I don't think Hermes makes their croc bags like that. The croc scales are usually aligned to be symmerical on the bag. :love:
Right-O. Hermes always tries for balance in the scales or grain patterns in leather bags. Symmetry is key for Hermes. My SA said they spend hours finding just the right size pieces to form the planes of the bag.
Gigi, my thought's exactly - looks like those Dooney and Bourke embossed leather "croc" bags.
I know I am late on commenting, but this was so fake! The back looked awful on the bag. IT was nowhere near symmetrical and just horrible looking. When you see an authentic it is have no doubts. This seller made some fast money and is layghing all the way to the bank. Then her comment was...the box is damaged and costs too much to send. PLEASE...she should throw the box in for free and be thankful.
I was so surprised that everyone jumped on the bid in the last 10 minutes.

Greentea & Gigi - I see what you mean by the symmetry of the pattern, but can't fakes have this kind of "perfect" patterning since it's simply stamped on?

No worries, I wasn't planning to buy, I was wow'd by the price and eagerness of the bidders.