Is this croc or gator?

  1. [​IMG]

    Can you experts tell me? How can you tell the difference?
  2. RC, it looks like the gator skins I own from numerous vintage kellybags (non H). I do not own exotic H goods (unfortunately), so maybe wait until someone with exotics knowledge chime in.
  3. RC, is there a little square symbol or anything anywhere on it?
  4. There is no symbol on this (CDC) that the seller can see...I think it is a vintage peice so maybe they didn't have the symbols on the cdc?
  5. I looked at the auction. I would guess it is alligator based on the size of the scales; also, there is another auction of a similar bracelet from the 80s that has similarly-sized scales (you can also see the square marking on the inside of the cuff in one photo indicating that it is alligator).
  6. if it doesn't have a little pore (dot) on each scale, then it's 'gator. all species of croc have a sensory hair in each scale, but gators don't. [ETA: 'gators have them, but only around the jaws so they're not seen in leather goods -- crocs have them all over the body.]

    i don't see the dots, so i'd say 'gator.
  7. ^^ And I would just add RC, that most of CDCs that I have seen have been 'gator, (which is not to say that there are not croc ones) I'm simply saying they are mostly made from gator.
  8. great info, thanks everybody...
    Rocker! ... :tup:

  9. Thanks so much everyone for your input! ;)