Is this crazy?? Opinions needed, asap...Please!

  1. Sorry...kinda long....

    I need someone to tell a crazy? I have been batting around this idea for awhile, but I think I found the perfect bag and it's in stock at VF, so now the idea has really taken a hold.....

    What do you think of LV of storage?

    Here's the scoop; I have an area that is "mom's" spot in the living room. A corner of the loveseat where I curl up to play on tPF,, watch tv, nap, etc. I have an end table right there and everything of mine from all the charge cords, purses, current projects, books and magazines end up on the table and the space between the table and the loveseat. Now I am really not that much of slob, but this area is horrible, because it is so hidden (you really have to be sitting in my spot to see it) I tend to dump stuff at will. I do clean it out at least once a week (or things would disappear into the abyss) but it drives my husband crazy....anywho, I have been thinking of putting something there to contain my stuff. I thought of my mc boite, but it is so bright. I thought of getting another boite, mono or damier...but it's a little pricey for storage :shrugs:

    ...then today I saw this :idea: :

    Greenwich GM, it's only 1210! And it is 21.5" L x 10.4" H x 9" W , the flaps open straight up, so it will fit perfect, be large enough to hold all my junk, it's structured so it will make good storage and I can close it up so it won't look so bad, and once a week I can carry it upstairs and put away all the stuff I have collected over the week.

    So am I crazy?
  2. Nope, completely not crazy! I really like it, and how chic and elegant will your living room be?! That's a really great idea, actually, using LV for storage!
  3. I don't think your crazy at all! However, for me, $1210 would be a little pricey to spend on something that is going to sit in the corner. I would want a bag I can take out with me everyday for that price. That's the only downside to me.
  4. Nope not at all! thats really cute! I want some i have to much junk that needs to be stored ... :smile:
  5. LOL! no you're not crazy twinkle! I think if you need it (which you probably then go for it! I think it'll look nice in the living room:yes:
  6. Not crazy at all. It'll keep things hidden for sure. Plus, you can take it anywhere if you want to.
  7. I know but since I was seriously considering a boite, which is almost $ 4000, this seems like a bargain...:shame: , I know how crazy is that! The thing that was holding me back on the boite, was I thought it wouldn't be big enough, plus I already have the MC one.
  8. I like it alot. Great idea.
  9. Not crazy because it can be so much more than "storage". If it didn't have the handles, then maybe I would say, "twinkle.tink, I think should invest in a cardboard box instead". Keep the flaps open so you can continue to throw/dump stuff at will. Then if DH complains you can just close it up and carry it away! Carrying it upstairs will be so much easier and exciting than lugging a cardboard box which knocks your knees with every step up you take :push: Maybe the deciding factor will be how heavy it feels to carry?
  10. Not crazy at all, it would be beautiful, almost like art!
  11. I actually really like this idea...and price seems reasonable.
  12. o wow. i really like that peice. i don't think its a crazy idea. i say you should go for it.
  13. I agree that it would be a piece of art sitting in your living room. Very cool idea.
  14. :yes:
  15. I think that the bag as storage idea is great. Also, you could always use it as a picnic basket or to store stuff in your car as well as for clothing. It is multi-use and great -- go for it!