Is this cracking normal? Will is just get worse?

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  1. Thanks! Helps to know it won't peel.
  2. I own metallic bags but I have one that mine looks like that. It's washed all around and haven't peeled yet. I don't lotion my bag it just have this look like Balenciaga over time but no peeling. (Thank goodness!) I would like to know if you do return it because I am interested in your bag! May I ask how much you paid for it, if it is ok? :smile: tia!!
  3. Maybe try to get a discount on it? I believe someone on here got a significant discount on a floor model flap bag. It's worth a try because it would really bother me for sure.
  4. Metallic leathers are prone to cracking.

  5. Thanks for the info! I will def send you a pm if I decide to return it. It was $2800 and 55% off. :smile:

  6. I actually got it at a discount already because it was on sale. :smile:

  7. That's what it seems like. :sad: