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Is this cornflower? Am I crazy?


Mar 18, 2006
So I ordered a city in cornflower, and it came and was beautiful... except for a big ugly scratch on the back (way beyond normal distressing, etc.) so I had to exchange it. At last today I got the new bag, but it seems much darker than I remember the cornflower looking. I've compared it to other pics people have posted of their cornflower bags but mine still seems dark. I've attached pics (at least, I hope they'll get attached!)... what do you guys think? Am I just crazy?? I know it's hard to get a sense from a pic online, but what do you think?


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Jan 18, 2006
Maybe some of the other girls can post their pics here so you can compare colors. Also, check out the other thread going right now on what is your favorite color- someone has a cornflower twiggy posted that you can compare yours to. But remember, that all dylots are different, which is what makes these bags so unique. Yours really is beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!!!


Mar 30, 2006
Hmmm almost looks inbetween an ink and a cornflower...but when I take a picture of my ink, the flash makes it look much like that first picture..... Isn't there a color # on the balenciaga ticket that comes with the bag (At the top left it says 2006 and then over to the right there is another #,,, is that the color #)?? If that is a color number then maybe give everyone that number and someone with an ink and cornflower can compare?
Jan 25, 2006
jessd, what is the letter on the front of the silver tag? If your bag is from this season, I think it has to be cornflower. Every time I have seen the cornflower in person I always think to myself, "it's much darker than I remember it." I think the camera flash washes the color out sometimes. It might be navy, from Fall 2005, but navy and cornflower (despite what one might deduce from their names) are virtually the same exact color. I think the color on the navy swatch is a little darker than what it is IRL.