is this common?

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  1. Perhaps I can be directed to the appropriate thread, but I have a question. I walked into Hermes and was told the store ONLY carries the Birkin in 35 and no other sizes. I asked if I can special order a 40 and she says No. I asked if she can call other stores to see if they have a Birkin 40N and she said No.

    Is this common? So, if I would like to buy a Birkin in a 40 and the only store near me never carries it my only choice is to travel and hope for the best?? Thank you ladies (and gents) for any guidance and setting me straight.
  2. Did you go to the San Fran store by chance? Are you just looking for a basic Birkin? If so, you really do not need to do an SO. It is true that stores do not generally call other stores about Birkins. I find it very hard to believe that the store only carries 35's. It sounds like you need to try a different store (preferably one outside of the western region).
  3. Thank you Ranag for your response. Yes, I was at the SF Hermes. I too was surprised that SF only carries 35; that's why I asked the SA twice.

    I am interested in a basic black or gold birkin, size 40 with PHW. However, apparently I will not find it in SF :sad:
  4. 40s are not as popular and it's possible that the SF store only brings them in by request/SO.
  5. I don't think it is common..
  6. My SA has gotten me a 40cm black togo birkin without any hassle and at a store on the west coast so I don't think it's common.
  7. Thank you for your input. I am curious as to why the SA told me she could not SO a birkin for me. :sad: actually her words were "we don't do that"
  8. Do you have a buying history with this store?
  9. True 35 is the more common or popular but it's not a rule in itself they should be able to do something for you like say order the bag or maybe direct you to a store that may have other sizes they don't have to confirm the existence of the bag at another store but you know be more logic even to say that the store only has 35s is not very smart, but 35s are wonderful . Hope it helps.
  10. It is possible that the store may only order 30s and 35s if most of their demand is for these two sizes. A 40 may then be a separate order.

    If you don't have any prior relationship with this store, they would probably decline your request to order the bag.
  11. I guess my not having a relationship with the store is precludes me from a special order Birkin. :sad:
  12. Yes, that is generally the case.
  13. The San Francisco store definitely carries other sizes. In fact my friend just bought a 30cm there about a month ago, it was a Vert Veronese just sitting on the shelf when she walked in first thing in the morning! Also if you're on the west coast, the beverly hills and south coast plaza stores often has 40cm's. Good luck!
  14. Just to clarify - technically a 40 Birkin is NOT a special order.
    You might get lucky when you travel, especially to Europe. The other alternative is to go through resellers.
  15. I've been to the SF store and seen travel size Birkin and Kelly in separate occasions. I think their stock are mostly spoken for, and cannot accommodate walk-ins. I believe they have some new SA and they are very nice and friendly. First thing in the morning is probably a good strategy. :tup:

    You can also ask about other travel sizes for Bolide or Lindy. They do exist!