Is This Common?

  1. OK, just ranting a bit. I went to LV (San Francisco) the other day to look/purchase a bag for my GF. Got there and was promptly helped, everything was going great. I had asked to SA if she could recommend me some bags. Mainly deciding between the Denim Pleaty and Dentelle Speedy. Anyhow when asked what style my GF likes, I told her the bags I mentioned above. Now comes the odd part. She had told me "No, you won't be able get this bag since its a limited edition, unless you are a die-hard fan or had been on the waiting list". I thought nothing of it then. I came back two days later with my girlfriend and spoke with another SA. Without even asking he told me they had it in stock and even looked it up on the computer. So I'm really confused as to why the first SA would blatantly lie to me...? Do you think it was a simple mistake? Or was this just plain BS? Maybe its the way I was dressed at that point? I'm only 20.. so that might of been the case.

    Anyhow, what bag would you guys pick? She loves both bag, and is having a hard time.
  2. I would suggest the Denim Pleaty, im not a big fan of the Dentelle and feel if i had one i couldnt wear it with EVERYTHING!!

    some SA's can be snobs, just ignore them :smile:
  3. get the Dentelle first while you still can. she can always get the Denim Pleaty later :graucho:
  4. SA sometimes are like that. I got lied to once before. Showed me the denim cruise then tell me only VIPs can buy...
  5. Some SA just say thing to feel important. Ignore her.

    If you love the dentelle then get it before the pleaty.
  6. ITA!!!!!!!!! :heart:

    She must've been confused, never mind it. ;)
  7. if she likes the dentelle too, i would buy the dentelle first, because you can always buy the denim pleaty later ;)
  8. yep get dentelle first!!! I know i think SAs are just picky, and what info they decide to tell you! Like yesterday, went to my boutique and put my name down for the miroir lockit, I told another girl on this forum that they are getting one in and put your name down etc. she rang up and the SA said, no were not getting any in so theres no waitlist!
    Just ignore! xx
  9. I think the dentelle too.
    About the SA, they don't know everything, some of them just act like they do:blah: so don't pay any attention to that SA.
  10. dentelle
  11. Dentelle speedy!
  12. Wow, how sweet of you to purchase LV for your girlfriend, my BF won't dare to step in LV by himself....
    i would think denim would be a better choice consider your girlfriend age is pretty young, but if she loves Dentelle more, then you might want to act fast b/c it's flying off the door.

    I am sorry the SAs gave u mix signals, but just ignore what the first SA said b/c it's not right info. You can also get the Dentelle from Elux if you catch it at the right time. Good luck!
  13. I say get the Dentelle first.
  14. Dentelle!
  15. dentelle!