Is this coming out

  1. I heard there is supposed to be a silver speedy coming out, does anybody
    know anything about that?? This lady who comes to my job everyday
    told me about it..
  2. Not to be mean but if your so addicted, you should know this answer...
  3. That's the Miroir Speedy that you're talking about...:smile:
    It's F/W 2006 LE, and they're coming out December 1.

    Do a search on the forum and you should be able to find more info.

  4. is the miroir collection it comes out on december
    it seems quite hard to get one
  5. watch out with your questions tough
    Some gets almost ofended LOL
  6. :roflmfao: Matt you are the best!

    He is right!
  7. Considering that the Miroir line is not out yet, I think it was a valid question. No need to be nasty.
  8. The Miroir line is due to launch in December. I put myself on the wait list in JUNE!
  9. Totally agree...
  10. Here's the line up, I took out the prices because they might not be correct:

  11. hihih i agree
  12. Be nice!!!:graucho:
  13. Everwhere i try to get on a list i am too late:sad: I want the pochette so much!!! Oh well, i will just have to pretend that it never existed !
  14. Hi Michelle! Me too!!!!! I put myself on the waitlist a week after the damier speedy was launched. Initially I had myself down for the gold papillon and the silver pochette but I've switched it since to the silver papillon and the gold pochette. If the speedy was smaller I would get both!! :love:
  15. That's not necessary.