Is this color TOO bright???

  1. ^^yeah, that's all I want to know: Is it too much?
    I love the bag, it's so comfy on the shoulder and it holds tons without feeling bulky. I like colorful bags - but except for my two LV Multic., I don't own any :lol:
    emporioarmani.jpg emporioarmani1.jpg emporioarmani2.jpg
  2. No it's not.
  3. I think it's all relative....if you think you can incorporate the bag into your wardrobe, I say - GO FOR IT! :yes: I think the bag color can definitely spice up an otherwise boring outfit.

    I've seen people here with much brighter bags....:graucho:
  4. IT would look very cute with a black or white outfit!
  5. I love the color of the bag. As long as you are careful with what outfits you pair it with you will be fine.
  6. I like the color & the bag looks like its a great size. I agree w/ everybody else though just be careful clothes wise.
  7. I like it! A nice change from black or brown. Congrats!
  8. I don't think it's the bright at all to begin with! I have a fuschia bag and boy.....that's bright. Or neon yellow bags I've seen before - now that's bright!!! I'm sure you'll have lots of cute outfits to go with it!
  9. I like colorful bags. They really look great with neutral outfits. I say it's not too bright.
  10. No, I love the color!
  11. It's a great color, not too bright at all!
  12. I don't think it's too bright!!!! I LOVE it! As LisaG719 said, if you pair it with the right outfit, you'll be fine!
  13. ^^Thanks ladies :yes:
    I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to colors :shame:
  14. I like it! It looks like a fun bag
  15. i love it!!!
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