Is this color seafoam?

  1. I am in the midst of purchasing a seafoam city :love: :love: but i guess i based on the pics other members have posted, i thought the seafoam was a bit different. Is this pic of Ashley Olsen the seafoam? If not, what color is it?
  2. yes! that's seafoam! isn't it gorgeous?! you NEED to purchase the seafoam city!
  3. OMG seafoam :love: :love: You're so lucky to be able to get your hands on one!!
  4. yup, that's the seafoam - the turquoise is very similar, a lot of people get confused - the biggest difference is the seafoam has silver hardware and the turquoise has brass. :smile:

    i'm still jealous!
  5. oh good. i was worried. here's a pic of the bag (it was taken with a camera phone). she's going to hold it for me until next week when i get paid. :love:
  6. mpark, congrats! you are SO SO SO lucky!
  7. The most beautiful color ever! Enjoy your Seafoam.
  8. here's another pic she sent me, although now the color looks more turquoise. she said that it's definitely seafoam. what do you ladies think?
  9. Pretty! I don't want to burst your bubble but unless it's the lighting, that doesn't look like seafoam, more like the turquoise. Plus seafoam has silver hardware. That bag is pretty nonetheless!

    You should confirm with the seller the color of the hardware just in case! If it's indeed silver, it's most likely seafoam ^_~
  10. Oooohhh either way you should get it!!!! Even if you put it up in the marketplace, it will sell in minutes! GORGEOUS!!!
  11. This bag definitely has silver hardware, but it looks like turquoise a bit. Sorry, I can't post larger pics.
  12. does the turquoise have the gold/brass hardware?
  13. honestly, it's really hard to tell w/ seafoam and turquoise - does it have brass or silver hardware?
  14. In that case, CONGRATS! You lucky bunny! You must post pics! I'm dying for a seafoam myself. :biggrin:

    The turquoise has antique brass hardware
  15. oops post, hehe.