Is this color new?

  1. Or have I just missed it? I like the turquoise inside!

    Brass/Doe/Sand Wallet
  2. i think it is new i havent noticed it either but i really like it
  3. I just found that one today, too! I really love the color "doe" and the turq inside just pops!
  4. It's been on the website the last several times I've visited but I never really looked at it. Love the interior color.
  5. how much is it?
  6. It's been on for a few weeks at least.
  7. The wallet is $198
  8. It was released the same time the two-tone french wallets were available. This is the only one available at
  9. OOOO I love that color!!!!
  10. the color is so pretty!
  11. i do love the soo pretty!!
  12. Nice color!
  13. Very Nice Color!!
  14. I LOVE the French wallets!:drool:

    Those colors together are very nice!:yes:
  15. Thats a very nice color, it can be used all year round!