Is this color more versatile than the honey spy

  1. Just a question. Is the cognac spy more versatile than the honey?

    I just ordered a honey and I'm just wondering. Any thoughts?

    On the negative side i heard that the leather on the cognac spys are made to wear and crackle over time so that they look vintage.


    What do you guys think? :huh:

  2. Enlarged pic

  3. For me it would be, but for girls I think the honey would.

    Also what skin and hair color do you have? (haha this helps me figure out what looks good on people)
  4. I gotta reply tmw though byee.
  5. sorry for the double post!

  6. This is me :graucho:
    My hair is dark brown

    Now that you mention skin tone its gets me to thinking. :hrmm:

    Maybe the honey would be better for me than the cognac because of the color contrast.

    What do you guys think? :blink:

  7. I know a lot of bag lovers here don't fancy the zucca/leather spy, but I have one and love it more and more every time I use it!! It gets a lot of admirers and goes with nearly all clothes. Just have another look at "kssthis" in a previous thread to see how great it looks!!
    But really, only you can decide. Good Luck :love:
  8. Go for Honey if you leave in the warm climate!:biggrin:
  9. I would go for either in your case! Both would look gorgeous on you.

    Aww I love the smile btw!

    And I have a question.. how come people cutt off their faces when they post pics up like this? Is it a rule to cutt it off, or they just dont like showing it/ugly picture?
  10. Cognac

  11. Thanks for the compliment. I was so happy that day wearing my new speedy for the first time

    About cutting off faces-----
    No its not a rule. I just do it b-cuz I don't want my face on the internet.

    Someone might mistake me for Halle Berry and start stalking me. :lol:
    Just kidding.

    Really though I just don't want my pic shown. No particular reason. :P
  12. OOPS!:shame: I meant to say LIVE!:lol:

  13. LOL. I knew what you meant.:lol:
  14. Iluvbags ~~ You could easily wear either the Cognac or Honey with your skin tone. Both would look lovely on you. Sorry this doesn't help your tough decision! ;)

  15. Thanks. I already ordered the honey and the silver/gold one so I'll probably just stick with those and wait for them to arrive

    As I saw from your pics the honey is beautiful.

    I was just curious on everyone's opinion on the cognac