Is this color made anymore??

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  1. Is the Buberry Check Satchel still made in the Pink color, and where is this color sold?
  2. Oops....forgot the r in Burberry. So does anyone know what bag I am talking about, and if there was even a pink one?
  3. anyone??:crybaby:
  4. Last month I was in Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong and the Burberry stores there all still carried the pink check line. I didn't see that style in the pink in any of the stores though...and I must've visited 8 or 9 boutiques.
    It doesn't mean they dont' carry it but if they do, it would be hard to find.
  5. Thanks, LVgirly. I wasn't sure if it was carried in pink or not, just saw someone with one, so I guess it was a fake. It was to good to be true.:sad:
  6. most pink {and blue} checks went to the outelts. I have no idea if that particular was ever made in pink.
  7. Pink is still in Caesars Palace Forum Shops. I believe the whole line is there and there is a bag that looks somewhat simliar to what you posted. I love the pink the best, I have the small lola and use it everyday.
  8. I think my Neiman's still has some..haven't been there for awhile. The Burberry boutique sticks mainly to the tan nova check and doesn't really get any of the other colors in.
  9. Thanks for the info. Swanky, blushingbaby, and LVbabydoll! Hopefully I can find it or something very close to it!
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