Is this color "ink"? It looks more purple on this website

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  1. I would stay AWAY from that site. I am pretty sure they are not legit. A lot of buyers here would know for sure-good luck!
  2. They are definitely legit. It is a store near my house. They just started selling stuff online.
  3. That definitely looks like ink. I didn't look too carefully for authenticity. ^^^I haven't heard of this site before either.
  4. ^^^ Sorry about the doublepost but they have that green2 color too that looks really off. It's definitely not the applegreen and it definitely doesn't look like emerald either, which makes me wonder "What is this color then??" Wasn't there a twiggy with this off color on one of the other posts??
  5. If anyone has questions about the store, let me know. I have shopped in this store before. They have amazing stuff and last time I was there, I started talking to one of the owners (actually the daughter) and it turns out I went to high school with her younger sister.
  6. I just want to know what this second green color is and from what season. Thanks Chigirl!
  7. If you want, you can call the store. I am not sure if everyone there knows the colors/style.
  8. Looks like emerald and origan. If you "order" the "official" color names come up.
  9. Chigirl - I am just wondering because Bob Ellis had that color also in the twiggy and we all concluded that it was the Emerald in a bad light. Also, the color as far as I can tell (since lighting is everything) isn't one that we've documented before. That's why I was wondering about the color. Not interested in purchasing.

    I may end up giving them a call to find out. I was under the impression that you could find out more easily.

    SoCal - That is some weird light because it definitely didn't look like origan to me. I'd have never guessed that!
  10. I can call if you want! I will report back.
  11. Yes, I would say bad pics/lighting. Color descriptions, prices, etc. seem accurate. "Address" for storefront looks good.
  12. The colors are origan and emeraude. The site is new so I think there are some kinks to work out.

    I do not know them that well. I have just shopped there and become friendly with one of the owners.
    Here is some info on them:
  13. ^^^ Wow, I would have never guessed in a million years that origan would take that hue in different lighting! Thanks Chigirl!

    SoCal, I was getting excited thinking that there were mystery colors that we hadn't seen before! Alas, too good to be true!