Is This Coach Real?

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  1. Is this Coach signature satchel On eBay real or fake?
    Give me your thoughts, the seller swears up and done its 100% authentic. But no returns.
    Let me know asap!!
  2. The item number for eBay is 180080809796
    eBay id highendsandtrends Feedback 31
  3. I don't know this style per se but I have a lot of Coach and know what makes it look like a Coach. It may be.

    To me it looks like a factory bag. Coach makes some bags specifically for their outlet stores called Coach Factory. It generally has a lot of Coach qualities but not all of them. In my opinion most of the factory bags aren't as nice as the regular line ones.

    The only was to tell for sure it is a factory bag is there is a little circle mark on the upper right corner on the serial number tag. A lot of Ebays list it as authentic Coach (in reality it is) but it is a sub line to Coach. I can't tell because the picture isn't clear enough.

    There are two things that bother me about it: the flat pocket in the back and the side pockets. The flat pocket in the bag is usually a design used by factory bags. I can't tell from the pictures but the side pockets look like thay may have 3 lines of stitching. On all the Coach bags I've seen only have 2 lines.

    Hopefully someone else can weight in but here's my 2 cents.
  4. :smile: Hello & welcome!! May I first suggest you put this question with the link in the Coach sub forum, "Authenticate This" thread:

    You will get alot of responses there and within a pretty quick time period... The ladies over there are friendly and will steer you in the right direction...

    Now... my opinion only - I vote fake, for a few reasons, if you look at the picture of the back of the bag, the material does not line up down the seam... Coach bags ALWAYS line up down the seam semetrically, unless they have the pattern going diagonally... Also, there is no "O" stamped on the creed.. so it is more than likely not an outlet bag.... Plus the creed & hangtag just look funky... They did make a style similiar to this, but I would have to pull it up on the drill down to compare.

    I'm not a professional authenticator though!! Just have a number of Coach bags, and know enough so that I don't end up with fakes. Post over there and you will get some very definate good opinions though!:yes:
  5. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
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