Is this Coach (color) okay for winter months? (..does it come in black?)

  1. I was browsing and found this little Coach bag, which I love:
    But is it too summery??? Does anyone know if it comes in black? I can't seem to find this style anywhere in that color, though.

    It's very cute.

    But seriously-- a little too summery? I'd love a new bag for the winter months, but I was looking for black... and came across this, and really like it. Problem is, if I get it, I'd have to hold off on another bag if I were to *finally* find one in black that I like. So I just need some help making up my mind. Still thinking it through.

  2. Um, I think that is fake. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Last year sometime, I remember seeing that style bag in a pink stripe and a pink (optic?). The style is real (Coach did do that style), but I don't remember that color scheme. I don't remember it in black either. :sad:
  4. ^^ Real. Target sign showing it's from the outlets. Perfect feedback and no complaints of selling fakes or whatnot.

    I know it comes in pink and yellow too.
  5. Yeah, definately real.

    Aside from the optic print, it came in a bunch of twill colors too .. I think green with white leather, yellow with white leather, the summer stripe + vachetta, tan twill with baby pink or blue leather, light pink with hot pink leather ... the line was on clearance at outlets, not sure if it is anymore. If you search ebay for "coach twill tote" some of the color combos come up. I think the optic was white, pink, and yellow ... maybe green? I can't remember.

    The shape is adorable, though! I always meant to pick one up.
  6. Thanks very much for input on this bag's authenticity!

    I've actually NEVER had a white bag before... I have always had black, and see darker colors work good for when it gets cold out and starts snowing... I don't know if this bag will "go" with the winter season coming up. I can't decide. Anyone use white bags in winter? I try not to let it bother me but I'm just afraid of it seeming too summery with whatever I'm wearing. Such as I have no idea what winter jacket I'll buy for this year. That's why I wish this bag came in black-- it would make it so much easier.

    Just trying to make up my mind.. I may even get it just to have grabbed it and use it on specific days and then more often in the summer but I'm trying not to spend too much. I'll still end up getting a darker bag I think. hmmm
  7. I don't use white bags in the winter, but its cold and snows here. If I lived in So Cal or FL, I'd rock the white bag. But winter white can be pretty. I saw the same bag, except in yellow at the outlet today and thought about getting it, but it was yellow and I'm just not sure how well it'll look with me. Good luck on making up your mind, I know its hard.
  8. That bag, while nice, is summer-y IMO. If you want a white bag for winter I think one of the white leather bags, maybe with dark leather trim, is better. just my opinion.
  9. Aren't the Cs supposed to be symmetrical? I'm really not a Coach expert so someone enlighten me!
  10. ^ the Cs aren't symmetrical on the optic print.