Is this coach bag real?

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    Hello! I am new to this forum, it is so much fun!

    I just purchased this coach bag on ebay. I have not received it yet, but here are some pics from the ebay listing. I am not sure if I can post an ebay listing from an ended auction, so I just attached the pics. The seller does offer a 3 day money back return policy so I am not too worried yet.

    Thanks for the help!! Dina[​IMG]
  2. I can't be 100% sure because I've yet to see this bag outside of the catalog, but it looks good to me. The materials and proportions look correct, the interior has the right elements, I say it's real. Hope you got a good deal on it!
  3. Thanks for the replies! I will definitely update once I receive it.
    The seller said she would send a copy of the store receipt, so that will make me feel a little better! I will look for the serial number too, I did not know those match...good info!
  4. it looks real to me.
  5. I don't know but it looks like an owl. =)
  6. Ha! You're totally right!
    :nuts: :lol:
  7. Dina--hello:smile: Your Coach bag looks like it definitely could be real. To be sure, though, I recommend what I did for my mom's boss when she ordered a Coach bag via the internet...I just took it into a Coach store in the mall and had them authenticate it (unfortunately for her, it was a fake). Coach does not seem to mind doing this...I wouldn't call and ask though because it might *technically* be against the rules to do so, but if you just stop in they shouldn't mind doing it for you. Good luck! Tell us what happens:smile:
  8. I haven't seen this design before.....did they just release this bag?
  9. It looks good to me, but I have not seen one in person yet, so I am not sure about the back side of the bag. did the person advertise this as new, with tags and a copy of the receipt? It is fairly difficult to fake the merchandise tags--if you have ever bought at a Coach retail store, you will be able to recognize how they should look.
  10. The seller does state that the bag is NWT, although I did not see the tag in the pictures. She is also sending a copy of the receipt with the bag. I might try to take it by the Coach store to see if they will authenticate, but I'm not sure how willing they are to do that.

    It seems that this bag would be somewhat hard to counterfeit with all the different textures, but I suppose it is possible.

    I own 4 other Coach bags that I purchased at the Coach store, so I hope I will be able to compare some of the details.

    I think I will try to go to the Coach store before I get the bag and get a good look at the bag (although the Coach people might look at me funny). :smile:
  11. it looks real but you'll have to have it in hand first; SA's will prob say if its on ebay its fake so I wouldn't show them the pix-wait till u get it
  12. go in and look at it while you wait. If an SA asks, just say you are considering purchasing it in the future. Nothing wrong with browsing!
  13. It looks good to me as well. But I would take it by the Coach store they are always so friendly and helpful.
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