Is This Clutch Still Available

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  1. I'm looking for this clutch in black. Does anyone have a style number and know if it's still available in black?

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  2. It's BP0198 from the 2008 Royal Calf collection,so it's two years old. I had this exact bag and had to sell it a while back. I've been looking for another ever since. The only one I've seen is the graphite version, also on Bluefly. It popped up again yesterday. I was sorely tempted, but too sorely broke to chunk out the money knowing I simply do not have a "clutch" type lifestyle. :girlsigh:

    Just a word of warning: this clutch comes in a smaller size as well as this size, so if you're shopping on the secondary market, make certain you check the measurements. I had my hands on the smaller size once and it's a LOT smaller.
  3. Thanks for your help:smile:))

  4. You're welcome. :cutesy:
  5. AHHH! I'm totally on a mission now and I don't even want it!

  6. Been there, done that! :nuts:

    And who's the extremely lucky gal that got the graphite one that Bluefly had? They had the extra 10% off over the weekend and I kept sticking it in my shopping cart. Then I came to my senses... :girlsigh:
  7. lol i did the exact same thing but decided to hold out for a black clutch.
  8. That is such a great collection, I haven't seen the clutch, but I have seen the bag offered from time to time.
    Good Luck on your search.