Is this clutch (in celebrity file) patent, lambskin or caviar?

  1. Could anyone tell from this picture (hope link works to the celebrities with Chanel file) if the black clutch is patent, lambskin or caviar? It's the one Hayley Duff is carrying, if you scroll down about 3/4 of the way.

    Any idea what this clutch is made of that Paris is holding, also about 3/4 of the way down, she's wearing a black evening dress.

    Thanks so much.
  2. post #458?
    either lamb or patent.
    I haven't seen the patent one, so for me it's hard to tell.

    Paris's looks the same as HD's.
    I'm guessing lamb, definitely not caviar or python :biggrin:
  3. The first one looks patent to me and Paris one also looks patent, but it could be lamb.
  4. Thanks so much. I haven't seen the patent one in real life either, and wondering how shiny it really is...or if it's even "quilted"?
  5. it's definitely quilted . . .
    but sometimes lamb is sort of glossy.
    I think it's lamb because the way it squishes in Paris' photo:shrugs:
  6. I hope they have it in lamb if I get there tomorrow...figures I would have to like the more expensive one.:cursing:
  7. my NM has a red lamb clutch, it's TDF!:drool:
  8. I just saw this clutch in lambskin for the first time today, but they didn't have the caviar or patent to compare it to, so I couldn't make a decision! Anyway,the clutch only comes in one size, right? It looked smaller than I expected in lambskin! Aaak! I can't make a decision!:nuts:
  9. They both look patent to me... :yes: Lambskin and caviar don't really shine like are some pics to compare...AO with the lambskin version, the caviar version in the NM ad, and the patent version on PH. Btw, PH owns both the patent and lambskin versions from what I've seen, in case that further confuses you.

    And yes, the clutch only comes in one size... ;)

    Good luck with your decision!!!
    timeless clutch - ashley olsen.jpeg timeless clutch - ad.jpeg timeless clutch - paris hilton 3.jpeg
  10. Sharbear, thank you so much for finding and putting all those pics together! Wow, I was trying to find pics all last night and you did that in what, 5 minutes? That really really does help! I am not so thrilled by the patent anymore. Might not want patent in the dead of age thinks patent is spring. ;)

    I know people have issues with the lambskin being fragile, but I think I like that look for that bag the best (at least at this moment in time). I'm worried that the lambskin might not survive if it's on the dinner table and gets spilled on...not by me, I'm really careful, but by everyone else! While the Purse Hook is a bag saver, it's totally useless on a clutch bag!
  11. it looks like its patent leather
  12. The first one if defintely patent - look at all those fingerprints on that bag :wtf::push: - that's why I sold my black timeless classic :crybaby:, maintenance is terrible!