Is this "Classic" or "Old Fashioned"


Classic or Old Fashioned?

  1. Classic

  2. Too old fashioned

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  1. Ladies

    Is this handbag a Classic or too old fashioned for a "ahem" 30 something to carry?
    flap satchel.jpg
  2. It doesn't work for me. Sorry.
  3. I voted for "old-fashioned", although it might not be. I'd classify it more as "just okay".
  4. in my opinion the colour is too work-y for me .. maybe a lighter shade.

    if it was me buying it then I wouldn't but of course this is your opinion :biggrin:
  5. old fashioned
  6. I think you can do better
  7. If you're going to do Chanel, might as well do it right. You can find some decent pre-loved classics. I voted for old fashioned on this particular bag.
  8. I vote for classic, but I think you could add something to make it look younger - a charm, a coloured scarf
  9. It is a nice bag, but a little old fashioned.:shrugs:
  10. Just seems very plain to me.
  11. ^^ I second that. It's a rather boring style.
  12. I'm 50-ish........I think that bag is just a little too old even for me.
  13. wow, i didn't realise this was chanel...

    actually, I am going to say, yes as a work bag but depending on what your job is - I would use it as a workbag bec it does not scream designer/ etc and looks very serious, which is a good thing for me. but I can't really answer your poll bec classic is something else for me.
  14. The color is nice, but the shape is sooo boring :shame: