is this channel bag real or fake?

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  1. Hi eveyone, I received a channel bag from my mum's co-worker. Since I know she's rich(she carried all anthetic bags from Saks ave...), I guess this is real. She said she storage in the closet for a long time and never use it.

    I never bought a channel before, I have no idea how the real one looks like. I just want to know if this is real so that I can sell it to exchange my lovely DIor bag. Can anyone help? Thanx:flowers:

    Pic link
    Yahoo! Photos

    The pic is too big to upload, where else I can upload my pic??

    thanks all
  2. You can upload your pic by going to the 'go advanced' under the quick reply box and then clicking on 'manage attachments'.
  3. Please use our Manage Attachments tool and also, please repost your questions in the Authenticate This! Chanel in our Chanel Shopping Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.