Is this Chanel worth the price?

  1. I am new to Chanel bags and have never bought one.

    This one is for sale for $150 ...




    Good deal or no?


  2. Chanel for $150? Based on the price my question would be is it fake?

    Is this an eBay auction?

  3. Ditto!!:yes:
  4. I've never seen nor heard a Chanel purse/tote that cheap before. That just tells you something.
  5. I have a strong feeling that it is a fake. You would never get a real Chanel bag for that amount of money. Sorry.
  6. No it is not an auction. A girl I know is selling it. She has tons and wants to get a new one so she is selling the ones she doesn't use anymore.
  7. Then most likely it is not authentic. An authentic Chanel Cambon bucket retails for about $1,400. You'd be lucky to get a used one for $700 on eBay.
  8. Yup..totally agree with u, smooth.
  9. Does it look fake?

    Like I said I have never bought one before so I am unsure.
  10. Yes its fake...the dimension and placement of the back pocket is wrong.
  11. Can someone post pix of an authentic one?

  12. Yes, it looks fake :sad:
    I would avoid this one, sorry.
  13. [​IMG]


    A couple more pix...

    fake ?
  14. Need I say more once again?