Is this chanel bag authentic?

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  1. Hi can anyone help me try to id if my chanel bag is authentic or a fake. I purchased it from a charity shop which made me think it was a fake, but on closer inspection it looks and feels like a very expensive and quality bag so may be the real thing? Its made of good quality leather, it has the quilted stitching which is very even and neat, the logo chanel is engraved (not stamped) on the straps a twice on each strap. There is a gold logo tag hanging from the bag, also a square plain leather tag which is on a short dog tooth tag? The bag is lined with a dark red/burgancy lining which feels like a heavy synthetic material - not being leather lined is one of my doubts. There is a number stamped on the fastener (which is a magnetic press stud type fastener under the flap) it is - ok.0973628 okpta1519426 - could that be a serial number? I have tried to attach some photos but they are too large and cannot be accepted, if anyone thinks they can help I can email them to you, just let me know your email address ... This is a fab site!!!! have only just discovered it today.
  2. Why don't you try using
    Just create an account (its free), make sure your pics are jpg (but if they are bmp it should be ok, they may just get resized)

    And link! ;)
  3. nope, does not work.
  4. umm, I don't think it's authentic, sorry.
  5. Several things look bad about it. The inside of the bag: has a Chanel tag and the stitching looks unfinished. Also the interior looks like a vinyl? I think it should be either material or leather. The zipper extending out looks awkward. This looks like a newer model so there should be a sticker with a hologram/serial number on the inside somewhere.
  6. Also the flap looks like its not aligned properly. Count the squares and see if they are the same on each side.
    My count showed they were not even.
    Did you pay alot??
  7. yep. it's a fake.
  8. The Chanel tag looks really strange to me. If I am not mistaken since it it not embossed, shouldn't "were it is made" be underneath the Chanel on the tag?
  9. As a Chanel junkie, I have to put my two cents in....thankfully you purchased it at the charity shop and presumably did not spend a lot for it because it looks fake to me. Michele, in my experience, it should have where it was made either under the Chanel logo or directly opposite.
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice! I only paid £3.50 for it (thats about 7 US Dollars) which, is still very cheap for a leather handbag!! The lining isnt fabric or leather so I did have my doubts that it was authentic but I have so many comments about it when I'm out )from people thinking its real) that I had to put my mind at rest and will in futire admit its fake. Out of interest, what is the design of this bag and how much would a real one cost? Im sure its way out of my budget to replace with the real deal .... :sad2: thanks again everyone!!!
  11. hiya!
    i have just bought a bag, from a second hand shop with the numbers :
    i dont know if its real or fake, it looks liek 'snake skin' is really well made and looks real but im not sure, just thought id let you know bcos its the same serial number
  12. ^^I would post this in the "Autheticate this Chanel" thread.
    the lovely girls there will help you out. you'll need to take pictures too
    good luck:heart::heart:
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