Is this chain around the same bag and does it exist

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  1. Does this chain around still exist?

  2. Is it the same as Ashley's bag?
  3. yes they are the same bag, maybe they will come out again for cruise collection in november-december
  4. They are the same bag however the coral one was part of cruise 11 and Chanel changed the calfskin from the previous season which is why there was a price increase from $3250 to $3800. I have the chain around maxi from fall 2011 in dark beige which I love and want it in black also. I have heard that Chanel is re releasing the chain around maxi for cruise13 but only in black and dark beige.
  5. can you post a picture of the dark beige. Do we know what color Ashley's is? I do love the red one.
  6. Ashley's is taupe.
  7. Ooo I'm waiting for tis bag too!! So excited that it's coming. Will Milan have it in mid nov?? Anyone from Milan? Any idea??? Will be going there in mid nov. I'm worried it'd be gone by then :sad:
  8. [​IMG] This is my dark beige chain around maxi but it looks more orange in the picture. Ashley has the taupe chain around maxi.
  9. Thanks!
  10. I also heard that the chain around is going to be re-released....but I recall more colors.

    I will not be happy if they re-release dark beige. I'm happy that I have dark was not widely available during the initial release.
  11. I wish they would release this in a smaller size similar to jumbo not maxi:sad: The chain around makes it edgy while still being a classic!
  12. Yes! I bought the navy last year but returned it cuz it was too big for me!
  13. Does anyone know if the Chain around hobo will be re-released?
  14. i hv it in black but i certainly want it in diff color as well.can't wait for it to be re-released it again.
  15. Hi! What's your height If I may ask? I just got it and it looks huge on me!