Is this Celine box a keeper?

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  1. Hi ladies, want to seek your opinion on a box bag that I have just purchased.

    I've been lusting after the classic Red Celine box bag with gold h/w for a while now and so when my friend told me he was going to Paris for a business trip, I was over the moon and asked him to help me get it.

    Unfortunately, he confused the classic red with the current Spring 2014 vermillion red (which comes with silver h/w). I love the brighter vermillion red, but I'm not sure about the silver in two minds about keeping the bag, so would like to hear what you ladies think.

    FYI, this is my first Celine :smile:

  2. I like it! It's younger with the silver hardware. It pops against the bright vermillion. A statement piece for sure. I think both are great choices. This one is a lot fresher in that sense. More up to date.

    Good luck deciding. It's a very personal thing to consider. I would keep it.
  3. I love it, and I think you should keep it. I like the vermillion more than the classic red tbh.
  4. I would return and stick to the red you had in mind. Remember it is an expensive purchase and it has to be RIGHT :smile:
    Good luck.
  5. If you have doubts then perhaps its not a keeper. But since it was purchased overseas, are u still able to return it? What are your options if u decide not to keep it?
  6. Agree with Unoma. If you fell in love with the red one with gold hardware, then you should look for that one. IMO that one is more classic then this vermillion one.
  7. I called the Celine boutique in my country but they are unable to do an exchange/refund as Celine France is under LVMH but Celine Singapore is under a different management.

    I'll think about it when I get home tonight. I love the colour but I'm still not sure about the silver buckle as I'm more of a gold person. If I decide not to keep it, I will probably have to try selling it on eBay or the likes :sad:
  8. #8 Mar 10, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2014
    No chance of posting it back to Celine France, if you decide it's not for you?
  9. If you decide to sell it on eBay, you won't get the price you paid for it his everyone is looking for a bargain bag! I suggest you leave it and go for the bag you REALLY like!
    Good luck
  10. Thank you so much for all your comments!!!

    I'll be back to update what I end up doing with the bag :smile:
  11. tough one. do u know anyone going back that can exchange it for you? or can they accept courier return?
  12. I saw the red/gold IRL today. It is a WOW bag!
  13. Gosh, I wish exchanging could be easy. If so, I would definitely exchange for the red you prefer.

    Anyway, if you can't mail it for an exchange, then hold onto it dear.
  14. Tough call! I personally prefer the gold clasp on the Box, and I think you need to be 100% sure or you might regret it. However, if you cannot return the bag then you won't be able to recoup what you paid.
    In fact, I've been thinking it would be nice if there were some sort of place where people could trade bags. Sometimes I regret a color choice and would love to trade with someone else rather than sell. I know the logistics would be tricky because of so many fake bags. But still, I wish there were a way to make such a system work.
  15. I love Vermillion! And since you love the color as well.. I say keep it!