Is this Celine bag cute?

  1. It's the Celine transat:

  2. I like!
  3. It doesn't do anything for me - I'd rather have a Mulberry Roxanne which looks similar, but has more personality.
  4. It's not particularly appealing in that cinnamon-y color, but I have a Boogie Transat in pale yellow and it looks very fresh and summery. You could try calling around Neiman's or the Celine boutiques themselves to see if they couldn't track a different color down for you.
  5. I have a similar bag (the Celine Transat Boogie) in 'bone'-- bought it on right after I saw Jessica Simpson with it. I own many LVs, so this was my first Celine, but I love it because the leather quality is good, it turns heads because the lines are so clean and the craftsmanship sooo wonderful. I would buy that one too, but just bought a house recently and most of my $$$ is going into decor and furnishing it! So, no new purses for a while for me...but we'll see. When fall rolls around, I know I won't be able to resist. I may get the original Celine boogie rather than another LV.
  6. I wouldn't say "cute", but I do think it is a very nice looking bag. I like the detail on the strap.
  7. Nay for me, I prefer other styles from Celine. =)
  8. Not bad, but I love the Boogies!
  9. Like it :yes:
  10. I think its nice, good size, not to complicated, everyday bag!
  11. I don´t like the stitches is white, but the shape of the bag I like..

  12. I think it's very pretty!
  13. I don't like the stitches or the colour either.. I usually like Celine bags but I think this one is miss