Is this Calcaire?

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  1. hello everyone i came across this lovely twiggy bag and wanted to know if it's coloe was calcaire? if not, what color? if its not a calcaire and people have pictures of their calcaire twiggy please post them so i can compare colors thanks all!:yes: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. In some areas it does look like Calcaire because Calcaire has a hint of light pink to it.:confused1: Can you ask for other pics?
  3. is a white twiggy
  4. I have a calcaire city but i can't add pics because my pc is not working.
  5. i thought the white twiggy was much more brighter and pure white?
  6. it looks too white??
  7. If they have the paper tags, a Calcaire bag will say "2005 3" and the leather will have a pink-hue to it.
  8. any balenciaga specialists up in here? can tell me color?
  9. anyone have a calcaire twiggy?
  10. I have a calcaire twiggy. Those pics look to be white. The edge glue looks white and on a calcaire the edge glue has more of a pinky flesh tone to it.
  11. i'm confused!!! they all look the same to me HAHA :smile:
  12. Fendiluva, the bag you posted looks like an '06 white. You can tell from the leather. It looks like '06 leather, not '05 leather.
  13. IMO, it's WHITE! DEFINITELY not calcaire...calcaire has a more pinkish/beige undertone, and this one is, well, WHITE! :nuts:
  14. ^agree. this looks like white, not calcaire.
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