Is this Cabas Piano worth it?

  1. Actually cristina, I'm going to be listing one on ebay tonight or tomorrow night. I bought one last March, used it for 2 months then got my Manhattan PM and sadly put it in it's dustbag and never used it again!!! This one looks good, I'm not sure about the price though, seems a little high to me, when I got mine last Mar. I think I paid 740?? Something like that brand new.
  2. Really? How much will you be selling it for? I'm going to PM you my email address so you can send me a link to your auction :cool:

    Thanks for letting me know!
  3. I think the one you posted is a good deal. It's in great condition, and an awesome patina!
  4. eBay link you've posted looks like a good deal to me.:biggrin:
  5. Thanks, guys :cool: I'm always afraid that as soon as I click BIN, an even better deal will come along :rolleyes: The patina on that bag is :heart: I won't be so paranoid about getting the vachetta bottom dirty, either :smile: