Is this buyer trying to scam me??

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  1. I sold a bag back in January, shipped it on the 28th with delivery confirmation, and a month later the bag got sent back to me. I had the buyer's address correct but the package came back as undeliverable. So I contacted the buyer and she told me to add in her school's name (she lives at school) so I did, shipped it again priority with DC (she opted NOT to get insurance). This time the tracking showed that the package was delivered, however it's 3 weeks later and the buyer is telling me she never received it! She claims that it got sent back to me and is asking for a refund! I told I can't refund her until I receive the bag back.

    What should I do?? She seems like a honest person and but I don't know this really seems suspicious. I'm not sure what to say to her, as I'd be out a lot of money if this bag really is lost and I have to refund her.
  2. If you have this delivery confirmation slip-don't worry about it.
    For the future-just buy signature confirmation, it cost like $1.50 or so, but saves a lot of nerves.
  3. the tracking shows it delievered, then it is. paypal wont side w her
  4. How much did the item sell for?
  5. i don't remember off the top of my head, but it was a little under $200. I'm not sure what to say the buyer now, she is freaking out and emailing me 2x a day!
  6. Sorry for the double post, but what happens if the package really is lost? Am I going to be held liable?
  7. I think paypal will side with you since it is under 250.00 and you got delivery confirmation if it was shipped to a confirmed address. If not confirmed then I think it may go either way.
  8. The post office is liable because they've lost it and buyer declined to buy an insurance.
  9. You need to tell your buyer she should check with her roomates, and with whomever handles the mail at her school. There is a chance someone did not tell her the package is there. Believe or not this happens even when I have shipped to regular homes (the husband gets the package and 'forget' to tell wife, very common!). Also weren't like many colleges off for spring break recently during that time? I am just asking because its possible package was delivered while your buyer was gone - so now it is their duty is to find out who has the package.

    As far as Paypal is concerned, your buyer had 45 days from the date of payment to file a claim. If the 45 days are past from that date it will be automatically denied.

    13.3 Filing Deadlines. We will not grant any Claim unless you first initiate a Dispute in our Resolution Center within 45 Days of the date of the relevant payment and then escalate the Dispute into a Claim within 20 Days of the date you file your Dispute. It is your responsibility to keep track of the deadlines under this section.
  10. It was a confirmed address, oddly it was a PO box.

    Are you sure the post office is liable?
  11. Well, it either delivered or not. If I don't receive a package which is marked as delivered who's fault is that? Not mine.
    There is a couple of mail man at my place, one is very reliable and always knocks in my door to make sure I get my package and only after he gives it to me he scans it as delivered. Another one just drops everything on the floor and leaves, whoever walks by can pick it up and it makes me really nerveous. Needless to say, I like the first mail man better.
  12. Oh okay. I just don't want her to go to the post office and say that it's my fault the package is "lost" when it isn't. I mailed it with DC so at the very least, they can find it right?
  13. Exactly.
  14. One more reason to say this again: whether buyer WANTS insurance or not, you need to insure whatever you sell (and have a conformation tracking with signature) so when the package gets "lost" or is undelivered or whatever, you can get your money back!!!!!!!!! Insurance is cheap compared to having to pay for a bag out of your own pocket. The best thing is to include insurance in S&H cost and do not give them a "choice" to purchase insurance. The seller is always responsible!!!!:nuts:
  15. Really? Even for low value items like $2?
    I think it only applies to items sold for $200+