Is this Burberry bikini fake? Did Burberry have a cheapr line for department stores?

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  1. It doesn't seem like the kind that would be replicated -- there are no logos, and it is not a famous bikini (actually, "BURBERRY" is printed in small print on the top of the butt -- very subtle, though)...

    And when I got it, there was a store retail tag on it with a price tag for $59, slashed with red pen (for a sale)...

    The reason I ask is, it doesn't seem too.. I don't know... I guess if this really did retail for $59 (or $120 total for both... not sure if the price was for the set or just the bottoms)... But Burberry sells $300 bikinis, and I would suspect a $300 bikini to feel different than a J Crew one (this actually feels cheaper than J Crew)

    SOO.. Did Burberry have a cheaper line for department stores.. with $59/$118 bikinis?

    My $112 Calvin Klein bikini feels like much better quality... the lycra is plusher, etc..

    I can take extra pics to help you determine if it's fake.
    d95c_1.JPG d9ec_1.JPG
  2. please either post in this Forum's "Authenticate This!" thread or the one located in the Burberry Forum.
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