Is this Bulga bag fake?

  1. Hmm, not sure but I wouldn't buy from someone with zero feedback. Yikes...
  2. I'm not a Bulga expert, but the stitching looks off to me. It may just be the way the bag is bunched up on the left side, though. it's hard to say from the photo.
  3. Thanks - she's asking me if I want to end the auction early for $150 but it does seem a bit sketchy to me. I think I'll pass!
  4. it looks absolutely fine to me- just a little used. the inside lining is exactly like mine and the leather looks good just a little worn. I really am not even sure if bulgas are faked yet...for 150 i would go for it!
  5. i think it looks good, the lining looks exactley like mine
  6. i think it looks good!
  7. I'd have to disagree. I have two Bulga handbags that I bought at NM and both of those have squishy, so-soft leather. From the pictures this doesn't look at all like the two that I have!:confused1:
  8. i have that exact bag in the same color (just the smaller one) and it looks fine to me... but kinda hard to tell from the pic...
  9. Eh, I told her I'd take it but then she said she would only take Paypal w/o CC...I told her I use my CC to protect myself and that she could sell it to someone else. Since there are still mixed opinions on this bag, I'm glad that she sold it!
  10. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Glad you didn't get it Sailor! It doesn't look good to me. I have 2 Bulgas and the leather just seem different. It's not as "shiney". Plus this particular Bulga style, the "butterfly" tote, is faked a lot b/c of it's popularity.
  12. The inside looks pretty real the outside is questionable? But I would be careful they're bulga fakes out there?
  13. The strap looks short to me. I wouldn't buy from eBay period.
  14. She sold it and now she's emailing me saying she has another one she can sell to me for the same price ($150)! I find it incredible that she can have two identical Bulgas that she's willing to sell at such a discount. I think there's definitely something fishy. I'm so glad I didn't buy it!!