Is this briefcase / attache worth fixing?

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  1. IMG_20191013_110942.jpg IMG_20191013_103134.jpg Hi everyone-

    Disclaimer - I've never owned a luxury bag, so please forgive my ignorance.

    Anyway, I posted to the authentication thread about a briefcase/attache that I found at a yard sale for $10. Usually I would pass something like that up, but I had a gut feeling, and the authenticators seemed to think it's an authentic, older Gucci (early-ish 2000's?).

    The combination lock on the bag is broken, and after researching here, I contacted Rago Brothers for a quote. It's going to cost a little under $200 to have them replace the lock with a genuine part.

    My question is - is it worth fixing? Does it need additional refurbishment before selling? (The interior is sound, but when you sit the bag up straight, it leans or sags to one side, so maybe the leather needs refurbishment?) And what might that cost?

    And, when all is said and done, is this bag even desirable enough to sell for a price that will recoup the repair expenses?

    Here's a full album of pics to give you a better idea of condition:

    Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated because I'm way out of my league here.


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  2. If you were going to keep it I’d say yes. Selling I don’t think I would. But that’s me.
  3. Ok, that's kind of what I thought. It's not something I have any use for. If I did, I'd be thrilled, but I don't even carry a purse, let alone have a need for a briefcase.

    But, if I don't repair it, it's garbage because the bag just hangs open without a functional latch.

    It seems like a real shame to throw away such a high quality bag. Just because I can't use it myself doesn't mean I have no appreciation for the quality & craftsmanship. I just... couldn't throw it out.

    I'm going to take it to a reputable, local cobbler (does Gucci repair) this morning to have them take a look & see what can be done. Maybe the latch can be replaced with a different, cheaper Gucci latch? Not sure if it would be saleable with a different Gucci latch....

    Can you help me brainstorm what I could do with this bag if I don't repair it? Is there such a thing as upcycling old damaged Gucci bags? Or other ideas?