Is this Brahmin bag too "old" for me??

  1. I really want your advice on a Brahmin Handbag and Wallet. It is from the Toasted Almond Collection. Do you think this set is too "old lady" for someone in their 40's who likes to remain in style and dress with fairly current trends. I would appreciate your honest opinion!! brahminpix.jpg
  2. I don't think it's too old for a 40's woman. Personally, if you like something then wear it proudly! Thats my motto. :p
  3. I don't know.... I personally think the bag is a bit too grown up for someone in their 30's or 40's.:heart:
  4. As an 40 year old, that bag is nice and I would wear it! Great color and style.

    I always have the problem is the bag too young for me or too big for my size.
  5. Yes I totally think so.
  6. I have a friend in her 40s who owns a whole slew of Brahmins, including the toasted almond. It's only going to look old if you dress that way to go with it.
  7. If you like the bag - does it really matter what someone else thinks? Go for it! I buy and wear what I like - if someone else doesn't like it - too bad!:p
  8. IMO this is more of a general style question than an age-appropriate question....maybe because there's nothing about it that screams "I eat twilight dinners, dye my hair blue, and wear roll-up knee highs" to me. Personally it's not my style but I don't think it's granny-looking by any means.
  9. I'm 26 and I would wear it. I rather like it :shrugs:
  10. i think it all depends on what you wear. I could see this bag looking super cool on the right girl. Personally, I like to dress sort of edgy but elegant and I can picture some of my outfits that I think it would look great with, and I am 26. I like it. It is a mature bag, but its still cool. If you dress very conservative but want to spice it up then I wouldnt go for it. If your dress is already edgy and hip, then I think you could pull it off. Bags look different on each person. I saw a girl carrying a steve madden studded thing that I would NEVER have picked out but she was soooo cute and stylish that it looked amazing on her.
  11. I'm not a fan of this bag (the wallet is cute though) but I don't think it screams old lady! I consider old lady bags to be shoulder that have really long straps. But its all about how u carry a bag because the way my mother carries a LV speedy makes it look "older" than when I wear it.
  12. I think they are pretty stodgy bags personally. I am that age, and I really don't like those. Although I do think they are made extremely well.
  13. It's not "old lady", there's more a bohemian/70s glam about the bag... I would carry it w/ an all-black ensemble (turtleneck or v-neck wrap with wide leg trousers).

    I just thought: Kate Moss would carry this off with her style of wardrobe too, like a shirt with jeans and heels
  14. I don't think so! If you love her then who cares?? I'm 26 and I'd wear it!
  15. I think Rainrowan's right - it has a seventies vibe. Would look great with jeans and great heels. It's a grown-up bag but won't age you if you dress well. Would look pretty cool with an all-black outfit! And if you love her, just feel confident and wear her with pride!